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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Portrait Wanna Be

For several years I have wanted to get back into photography. I used to love taking pictures throughout my college years and missed it. About 8 months ago I broke down and bought a new digital SLR camera. Nothing too fancy, but one that would allow me to change lenses, take control when I wanted it, and something that was getting good reviews.

Since getting the camera I have taken over four thousand pictures. Although most have been of activities or family events, a lot are more artistic. Shots of nature or people where I was trying to capture a little something extra. As I reviewed these shots over the past few months, the desire I had years ago to get a portrait light kit resurfaced. After about 3 months of research and struggling with the continuous versus strobe question I finally got the kit a few days ago.

Although I still have a lot to learn, and haven't purchased a light meter yet, I posted a few of the first pictures for your review, comments, feedback, and/or constructive criticism. I am still getting the hang of positioning the lights, especially the background light, but I seem to be improving little by little. I will post additional ones as I have time. These photos will be accessible to those of you setup as as friends and family within Flickr.

Slide show.


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